Monthly Archives: October 2011

The Status Quo

Our status quo thrives on inequality and exacerbates the poor while concurrently catering to the wealthy. It has encouraged a world of constant insecurity rooted in materialism that lays its foundation in stability. It is difficult to liberate the intellect when one is faced with the carrot on the stick at youth – the metaphoric carrot that didactically proselytizes our youth, stressing the importance of education in a highly competitive world-the carrot emphasizing the necessity of finding a stable job that affords enough to get by whilst not intruding upon that which we hold sacred to the spirit and conscience.

Sadly, that which we hold sacred to the spirit and conscience has diminished in this world of  materialism. We’re educated to learn what? American politics? The Courts and political controversy? Heroin and how it functions in an international black market? An idea, in an of itself, is fascinating in the sense of an attraction between a pigeon and a piece of foil, but nothing philosophically. Holistically, life is about interconnectivity.  The nihilist may refute, asserting that there is none while the faithful may cite his/her respective transcendent entity.

I don’t pursue a societal confirmation of “success” to impress my peers but rather because I understand the system, know that I have the ability to become “successful” through the system as a means of liberating myself from “the system.” I don’t ever want to live to impress others. The only reason I ever want to achieve a monetary sense of success is because it is an efficient means by which to achieve any other form of success.

My motivations are rooted in -or rather- influenced by Hegelian Dialectic: operating under the assumption that all secular entities are finite and exist relative to time and that these entities exist by means of contradiction (opposing forces), the meaning of life fundamentally relies on thesis and antithesis. In essence, I want to live my life in accordance with a personal sense of liberation from society. I do not want to be constrained by preference or fear but rather by intellectual curiosity and unadulterated, personal motivations. I want to travel the world not to make my life a source of envy but rather a vehicle by which I can encourage intellectual cultivation. So much cacophony thrives in our society as a result of ignorance. Members of our society act in malevolence and pretension as a result of un-enlightenment. By making accessible knowledge-of the other, be it by place or time-people can develop a greater understanding of the self. As a result, individuals can come together, participate in intellectual discourse, uninhibited by ignorance.