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What is the relationship in growth between mainframe transaction processing and engagement applications?

Top of mind, as engagement applications continue to grow (ecommerce (also driven by social)), I suspect mainframe transaction processing will only continue to sustain its relevance. 

Need to research: how compute is allocated between mainframe and cloud. 

Analysis to conduct: observe rate of growth in top mainframe users (financials, retails) and analyze versus increased growth in online applications (see Citi report); note that 96 of top 100 banks still use main frame. 9 out of 10 largest insurance companies still run mainframe 

A few important questions


  • What information exists?
  • What insights can we derive from this information?
  • Regard the process: data analysis, visualization, modeling

Obvious use cases

  • Public acquisitions: size, growth, multiple
  • Resultant multiple uplift from select relevant transactions
  • Upcoming acquisitions: funding raised to date

Research Questions

  • European liquidity and culture of saving and investment with respect to the rise of credit-fueled economies of the future
  • Who holds American student loans? What is the default rate?
  • Macro Technology trends and future of OpEx/CapEx
  • Political systems in Europe (French Nationalism) and future of American right (will it gravitate to the classically conservative British model)?
  • Will the US raise rates in the face of European illiquidity, CBOE easing, and Japanese efforts to stabilize the economy?


  • Credit Analysis as a framework for Equity Returns
  • Capital Allocation Integration Framework (Part of Series: Future of OpEx profiles & S&P returns: sustaining improvements in profitability)
  • NCL Recommendation
  • China: McKinsey “5-Trillion Opportunity”
  • Why banks are holding excess cash (and implications for Europe)
  • Background: “Vision” for equity theses

Short To Do List

  • Aggregate notes from McKinsey “Valuation” (topics on revenue growth and ROIC)
  • Finish and aggregate notes on One Up on Wall Street
  • reference how memories are formed
  • Reference learning styles
  • reference neural correlates of emotional states (mainly, update investing model is a via Maslow)