Monthly Archives: September 2013

Seizing the Day

The greatest lessons I’ve learned in life, I’ve learned behind the lens of a camera.

Filmmaking taught me how to create something. It is a burgeoning outlet of creativity waiting to seize a semblence of our times – an artifact, waiting to be explored. It taught me how to take command of a set of ideas and to nurture tinges of excitement that gnawed at my core. This feeling is a rare sort of eagerness that needs to be captured and explored.

(Digital) film, introduced me to passion. I’d leave everything aside to get my hands on a camera, and subsequently, the command station of popular film editing software. FIlm taught me how to add value and how to invest in myself to create something better. The creative process is an exciting one, offering a young man an outlet of expression not experienced in traditional modes of education. To create something with one’s own hands and ones own mind is a euphoria that can hardly be replicated.

Film taught me to learn with purpose and sincerity. It taught me communicate, to inquire, and to believe – to believe in myself. For that, I’m grateful.